Yoga for athletes


I found yoga and fitness around the same time in 2011. I was obsessed with CrossFit at first, but eventually shifted my focus to weightlifting in 2014. To this day I still regularly train in powerlifting and use yoga to compliment my regimen. Not only as a yoga teacher, but as someone who regularly trains, I am excited to share and lead these offerings with other athletes.

I started teaching the Yoga for Athletes format in 2013 and believe a yoga practice is essential to any serious or even just recreational training routine. Whether you are preparing for your next big competition or race, trying to improve range of motion, or just getting ready to workout the next day.

These classes are designed to help all athletes (CrossFitters, weightlifters, runners, etc.) improve flexibility, aide joint mobility & stability, and serve as active recovery from your week of training. We’ll focus on opening up hips, shoulders, legs, back, and more. We'll start slow, explore some light and flowy standing work, and end with a long cool down that combines yin/restorative yoga on the floor and outside the box mobility work that you can take home and incorporate into your training.

If you're interested in setting up a Yoga for Athletes workshop for your gym just click the link below and let's get in touch!